Functional Additives for Cementitious Construction Materials

Drymix Construction Materials
Tile Adhesives

A durable cement-based tile adhesives require easy workability, good water retention and open time, and sometimes good sag resistance too.  GinShiCel line of products can provide these properties to the tile adhesives.  

Tile Grout

Tile grout, regardless cement based or not, requires easy workability, homogeneity, and easy clean up.  Lower viscosity grades of GinShiCel fits this usage case perfectly.

Self-leveling Underlayment

Self-leveling is a highly technical product.  A good self-leveling compound, when properly mixed exhibit the following behavior:

  • Good flowing characteristics (slump, in concrete talk)
    • Good initial flowability
    • Flowability retention time (prolonged work time)
  • Limits segregation / bleeding
  • Fast setting and strength gain
  • Fast defoaming action

Part of all of these characteristics can benefit from using ultra-low viscosity GinShiCel products.

Render, Stucco, Skim coating

GinShiCel is a versatile and indispensable additive that can be used in various ways to improve the performance and durability of exterior renders, stucco, and skim-coating. The value is in reducing effort and error for those who want to create long-lasting, high-quality finishes.

GinShiCel can be used in a variety of ways in exterior renders, stucco, and skim-coating. It can be added to the mix to improve the properties of the materials, or it can be applied as a topcoat to provide additional protection.

Here are some specific examples of how GinShiCel can be used in exterior renders, stucco, and skim-coating:

  • Exterior renders/stucco: GinShiCel can be added to exterior render mixes to improve water retention, durability, and workability. It can also be applied as a topcoat to provide additional protection from the elements.
  • Skim-coating: High viscosity GinShiCel can be added to skim-coating mixes to especially improve water retention, thus promoting durability and reduces surface cracking and powdering.  Modified GinShiCel for skimcoating application also increases workability, making the material buttery smooth for the applicators, reducing labor output, leading to a smooth, even finish.



Waterborne Emulsion Paint

Waterborne emulsion paint, for both interior or exterior, are latex based, environmentally friendly and easy to clean up.  GinShiCel enhances the suspension, emulsification, and stability of these paints, especially high pigment-level concentration paint.

Waterborne Emulsion Putty

Waterborne emulsion putty, also known as-Ready-to-Use putty, are sold in buckets and cans, off-the-shelf ready to be used.  These products as is can be used as gap fillers directly, which might benefit from added viscosity, or sometimes benefit from extra water and mxing to be used as skim coating to smooth out walls.