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We will be exhibiting the 2023 Middle East Coatings Show, June 19 - 21, 2023, at Cairo International Exhibition Center, Booth number 1E80.  We invite you to join us to discover exciting new products we are bringing to the MENA region.

GinShiCel - Introduction

What is GinShiCel and its Functions?
GinShiCel is a modified cellulose ether that is activated by cool water and can be used as a thickener, lubricant, water retention agent, film-forming agent, and protective colloid.  Due to its wide range of functions, GinShiCel has been adopted by many industries as a mission-critical additive in many products, in construction, coatings, oil field operations, detergents, and even food and pharmaceuticals.

How is GinShiCel named?
GinShiCel MH are methyl hydroxypropyl based cellulose ether, GinShiCel HE are Hydroxyethyl based cellulose ether.  The numbers are reflective of viscosity, the higher the number, the higher the viscosity.  Then there is a modification indicator:  -S for surface treated, -AX for some sag resistance and increased workability and open time, -M for increased flexibility and workability.

GinShiCel - Grades and Viscosities
GinShiCel MH grades are graded by viscosities tested with Brookfield RV viscometer, 20 RPM at 20 degrees Celsius.  4000 mPa*s to 40000 mPa*sviscosities are tested at 2%.  Much higher viscosities such as 60000 mPa*s to 70000 mPa*s sometimes are tested at 1%.  Conversely, very low viscosities such as 400 mPa*s are tested at higher concentrations, such as 5%

GinShiCel HE graded by viscosities tested with Brookfield LV viscometer, 30 RPM at 25 degrees Celsius, predominantly at 1%